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GDPR Bill UK – Issues with legal privilege

It was reported in the UK press today 8 May 2018 that there are issues with their General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR bill.  One of the issues relates to handing the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) powers to access privileged material without client consent if amendments are not made.

Bar Council chair Andrew Walker QC said: “There is nothing in the GDPR bill to prevent the ICO from both obtaining legally privileged material and then disclosing it to a third party for use in any sort of legal proceedings. That would run a coach and horses through the confidential nature of clients’ communications with their lawyers … A lack of proper scrutiny means that it will impose onerous and entirely unnecessary new obligations on lawyers, risk the disruption of legal proceedings, and make it more difficult for lawyers to use information provided by their clients to advise and defend them.”

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